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If you have just updated your DNS record, please allow at most 48 hours for your DNS provider to propagate the change.

Why HTTP 301?

If you've moved your site to a new domain, it's very important to redirect your existing users and search engine to your new URL.
Your existing users should still be ok with other HTTP 3xx redirection or even CNAME alias, but search engines don't. Here is an article from Google explains why it is important to use HTTP 301 to redirect.

We try to provide the easiest way to setup a HTTP 301 redirection. No registration, no installation, not even login to a web server. All you need to do is to update two DNS records.

Steps with example

Let's say we want to redirect all URLs from http://blog.example.org to http://www.exampleblog.org/blog/. First we need to login to DNS hosting console:

  1. Create an A Record of the domain / sub-domain you want to redirect with address of:
    in this case we will need to make sure A Record blog.example.org is pointing to
  2. Create a TXT record (the redirect instruction) of the domain / sub-domain you want to redirect, with value of:
    200please.redirect=[Destination URL]
    Note that the [Destination URL] is not merely a host name, it should be protocol://hostname:port/path
    In our case, TXT record blog.example.org shall having a value of 200please.redirect=http://www.exampleblog.org/blog/

Refresh and Verify your settings

Once you created / updated above DNS settings, you can input your from hostname (in above example blog.example.org) to make sure the settings are correct.

Update / Cancel Redirection


There are several other options to setup a redirection.